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Rainbow quartz18
• 5/20/2017

Romanizations of names-Granzreich or Glanzreich

Just thought we should make this clear, so that no edit wars start.

When this wiki started back in February, the Yen Press translations were all that we have. Therefore, we used Granzreich.

However, the very first time that (I saw) "Glanzreich" used was with the acrylic stands in the March GFantasy issue.

The anime also has Glanzreich in the first episode and Crunchyroll has changed their subs to Glanzreich.

At first, I just thought we were going to go with the official manga translations (like the AOT wiki), but then I got the official character book, which also uses Glanzreich (pretty weird considering that all the other names matched up with the YP translation, or was it the other way around?)

So what I'm asking is, should we change Granzreich to Glanzreich? A simple "yes" or "no" will be good.
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Rainbow quartz18
• 5/25/2017
Yes, because most fans tend to get salty, including me. :)
• 7/23/2017

Because I think they want it to be a name constructed out of the german words "Glanz" - sparkle and "Reich" - realm/empire
• 7/24/2017
I would agree that it be Glanzreich but most of the pages say Granzreich. If it's officially decided on Glanzreich, then I can help change the pages with Glanzreich
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