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• 10/10/2017

Recruiting new admins!

Hello everyone, I know that I haven't been active on here for a while, and I don't want to see this wiki go to waste, so I thought I'd finally take the time to ask 2-3 people to become admins for this wiki.

As administrators, you are responsible for making sure all edits on the wiki are relevant and coherent, helping users, and disciplining those who don't follow the guidelines.

Requirements (I don't have many since this is a rather small wiki)
- More than 50 edits on this wiki
- No history of being banned from other wikis
- Up to date on the manga/anime
- Know the basic wiki rules about vandalizing, editing, images

Optional (these skills aren't really required, but are a bonus for being considered)
- Familiar with Wikia coding (templates, site css, etc.)
- Know some Japanese (for information regarding the series and its related media)

Thanks to all applicants!
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• 6/3/2018
I will happily take up the job
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