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Bruno von Granzreich is the third prince of the Kingdom of Granzreich.


Bruno is a young man with short brown hair, blue eyes (just like the rest of his family), square-rimmed glasses and he has been noted that he looks like Titania von Granzreich.


Bruno is the most serious of the brothers and the most studious who excelled at all things academics and he is always striving to improve himself so that others would notice him ever since he was little. He admits he in fact is jealous of other's abilities and was not a genius but worked harder than everyone in order to receive praise. He also has a tendency to overthink and obsess over things. Towards people he admires, like Heine Wittgenstein and Doctor Dmitri, he's extremely deferential and respectful. In Heine's case, he refers to him as Master and obsesses over him, wishing to be referred to as his apprentice and having an almost unhealthy desire to learn more about him. He's mindful of his duties as a prince, and is the one among his brothers to remind everyone of the rules. Although he and Licht von Granzreich are often at odds because of their clashing personalities, they care about each other.


As a child, Bruno was already excelling academically thanks to his hard work. However, despite all the praise he received from others, he was never satisfied because everyone saw Eins von Granzreich (Bruno's older brother) as a genius and the definite heir to the throne. This pushed him to study harder.

A year before the story started, he and Kai von Granzreich were enrolled at military academy as part of royal tradition, but they had to leave due to an incident.



  • The name Bruno means "brown" in German, which is a reference to his brown hair color.


  • Bruno prefers dogs over cats.
  • Bruno spends his day usually reading and studying.
  • Bruno's least favorite food is Liver.
  • Bruno is said to hold resemblance with Titania von Granzreich (Bruno's mother).