Father and Son is the eighteenth chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Viktor asks the Cafe Owner to give him a temporary job at the cafe, so that he can see why his son thinks the work there is rewarding. The Cafe Owner takes him on, and he surprises everyone by being extremely good at being a waiter despite never being one before. Licht is especially shocked, and wonders if the reason he's so good at being a waiter is because his job as king requires him to know and do so much more. After the closing hours, the owner asks Viktor to stay on, but he declines. He pulls Licht aside and apologizes to him. He explains that he just wanted to make sure he knew the risks of working in a public place. He tells he can decide whether to work there or not. Licht apologizes as well for not understanding the weight of his responsibilities. Licht is about to quit, but Heine suggests that Heine could accompany him in his shifts so that he would be protected. Everyone is happy with this arrangement. Just then, the guards arrive to escort the king home. Licht has a renewed desire to become king so that he can be like his father. Heine teases Licht that behind his playboy facade, he's actually just an ordinary child. Meanwhile, Count Rosenberg observes them from above, not worried that his plan didn't work and wondering which prince should he bring to ruin next.

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