Where Dreams Lie is the twenty-third chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Ever since he was little, Bruno was determined to surpass his older brother Eins, who most people consider a genius and the sure successor to the throne, with pure hard work. Now that Leonhard seems to be a genius as well, Bruno is distressed, and it shows in his work. Heine notices, and tells him that if he doesn't produce a thesis before his presentation that's up to his standards, he will no longer be his "apprentice". This spurs Bruno into a working frenzy, and he finally produces a work that exceeds Heine's expectations. His presentation at the university is met with huge applause. He also meets his idol Doctor Dmitri, who's impressed with his work and asks to meet with him over a meal later. Later, Doctor Dmitri asks Bruno to leave Granzreich and become a scholar.

Characters in Order of Appearance