A Dream in This Heart is the thirty-second chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Bruno thinks about what he can do better to increase his chances of becoming king. In response to this, Heine tells him to create worksheets for children and leads him to the Maria Vetsera Church deep in the forest. There, a bunch of children, who were his former pupils, greet him happily. Heine then tells Bruno that he will be their teacher for a day. Bruno is confused, but takes on the challenge anyways. The children, however, are more interested in learning about the prince. Their questions, unrelated to studying, set him off and he yells at them for asking frivolous questions. This cows them into silence, and they work on the worksheets without raising their hands to ask questions. He notices a girl who's stopped writing and asks her if she needs help, but she quickly denies it. Bruno steps outside and ponders what to do, since they refuse to talk to him. Heine joins him, and tells him that if he couldn't even instruct a few children, there's no way he could be a leader of a nation. Bruno decides to meet them halfway, and answers all of their earlier question. He then invites them ask him more questions about anything. He helps the girl from before with her worksheet. The children decide that Bruno isn't so scary after all, and they all apologize to each other about their behavior. Bruno realizes that there's only so much he could learn from only sitting at his desk. They leave each other on good terms at the end of the day, and Bruno falls asleep in the carriage.

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