Confrontation is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Heine confronts Eins and the count about whether or not they were involved in all the obstacles the princes had faced. The count tells him that they can discuss this at Eins' palace, and carries him towards their carriage, but not before the princes spot them. They decide to follow, and bring Ludwig and Maximilian along with them. Meanwhile, Heine arrives at Eins' residence, Schwarz Palace. There, he's waited on. Eins denies any involvement, and thinks that his brothers are unworthy of the throne since they never cared about it before. Just then, the princes arrive and are trying to spy on them through the door. Eins harshly criticizes them and tells them that they'll never catch up to him. However, his brothers refuse to give up and tells him that they are different from who they used to be. Eins then challenges them to surpass him as a worthy candidate for king.

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