Different Paths is the forty-ninth chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Licht declares to Viktor that he wants to leave the palace and live in town. When asked why, he explains that the Café Mitter Meyer is opening a second location, and the Owner asked him if he could take on more shifts, but with the current arrangement he is unable to do that. Licht tells his father that he is grateful to him for allowing him to continue to work because he thought that it would help him prepare for the throne, but he wants to carve out his own future through a job that he loves. He also tells him that he had already planned out how he is going to live on his own. He bows and gives Viktor the papers, asking him to allow him to leave the palace. Viktor is silent for a bit, then takes the papers and asks for some time to think it over carefully. Licht thanks his father and leaves the office with Heine.


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