My Beloved Big Brother is the fifty-first chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


Bruno announces his intentions to leave the palace, shocking everyone, especially Leonhard. Bruno had received an invitation from Doctor Dmitri to go to Orosz to study as an international exchange student, and decided to take it after seeing Licht follow his own dreams, and because he believed that he wouldn't grow as a person if Heine was his only teacher. However, he still wants to take Heine's lessons, even overseas. Bruno planned to meet Doctor Dmitri's assistant, Smerdyakov, in one week's time and go to Orosz together. Leonhard refuses to let Bruno go and hangs onto him. Kai feels that Bruno should do what he wants, but also feels sorry for Leonhard. Bruno tries to shake him off, but couldn't. Leonhard talks about how Bruno had always been there for him for everything, and how much he wants to be like him. But Bruno counters that by saying that there are things about Leonhard that he found admirable too, like being able to create new ideas, and that's why he doesn't want to lose to him. He asks him to grant him this request, and Heine adds that always being together isn't the only thing that leads to happiness. Leonhard apologizes, and Bruno tells him that they'll play together just as they used to before he leaves next week. And so, for the next week, they played together almost non-stop.

When the time comes for Bruno to leave, he's exhausted from trying to keep up with Leonhard's unlimited stamina. The palace was busy with servants and guards preparing for Bruno's departure by train. Ludwig will be going as a bodyguard, since after Maximilian left he lost his drive since he didn't have anyone to scold. The Queen Mother and Adele give Bruno a doll as a good-luck charm. He tells Kai not to eat everything he picks up and not to sleep in the courtyard too much. He thanks Leonhard for the fun week together. Bruno then sets off, with Leonhard watching sadly. Heine brings back inside to do lessons, while Kai seems to have something on his mind.

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