You Needn't Welcome Me is the sixth chapter of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga.


After finishing all the interviews with the princes, Heine waits for all of them gather so that he could give them back their tests. All except for Leonhard show up, who had assumed that his brothers wouldn't show up either, and is shocked when he saw them chatting amicably with Heine. Heine gives them back their tests, with Leonhard only getting one point on his. He runs out in shame while proclaiming how much he hates teachers. Bruno explains that their first tutor was very strict with him, even using the rod on him, which is why he hated all teachers ever since. Heine decides to teach him that teachers are not the enemy, and chases after him. Despite Leonhard being a fast runner and on horseback, Heine manages to catch up to him. He pushes Leonhard off the horse, and tells him that he's different from all the tutors he's ever had, and that it's his job to change his bad score. He asks him to try and give it his best shot, and Leonhard reluctantly decides to try. However, they can't go back to the palace because their horses ran off and they didn't know where they are, so they're forced to wait for the palace guard to find them.

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