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June 27, 2014 978-4757543454 August 25, 2015 (digital)

May 23, 2017 (paperback)

Chapters list:

Pages: 184
Cover characters: Heine Wittgenstein
Japanese | English
Vol 1 jp

Accepting the post of Royal Tutor at the court of the king of Grannzreich, Heine Wittgenstein is a little professor with a big job ahead! Each of the kingdom's four princes has a rather distinct personality. Does their diminutive new instructor have what it takes to lay down some learning? It's a comedy of educational proportions!


August 27, 2014 978-4757544048 August 25, 2015 (digital)

July 18, 2017 (paperback)

Chapters list:

Pages: 189
Cover characters: Leonhard von Granzreich
Japanese | English
Vol 2 jp

When the king returns to court, it's time for the princes to prove their mettle. But not everyone's been exactly keeping up with Heine's lessons... (Hint: It's the prince who only scored a one on his assessment test...and that was for signing his name!) Can Heine really whip these boys into shape well enough to rule a country?


February 27, 2015 978-4757545755 September 29, 2015 (ebook)
September 19, 2017 (print)
Chapters list:

Pages: 177
Cover characters: Licht von Granzreich
Japanese | English
Vol 3 jp

Sometimes kind, sometimes strict, Heine is prepared to employ any means necessary to draw forth his princeling students' potential. But seriously, what's a royal tutor got to do to enjoy a simple, quiet day off?? With royal engagements, reluctant readers, and secret lives seemingly everywhere he turns, Heine may need to up his game if this kingdom is to have any hope for the future at all!


July 27, 2015 978-4757547032 October 6, 2015 (ebook)

November 14, 2017 (print)

Chapters list:

Pages: 182
Cover characters: Bruno von Granzreich
Japanese | English
Vol 4 jp

Heine's efforts to shape the princelings into worthy successors to the throne continues, but it seems that Bruno in particular is struggling with a bit of a crisis of conscience when it comes to his future. Can he live up to Heine's standards to remain his "apprentice"? More importantly, does he have the courage to carve out his own path?


November 21, 2015 978-4757548176 January 23, 2018 978-0316480079
Chapters list:

Pages: 192
Cover characters: Kai von Granzreich
Japanese | English
Vol 5 cover jp

Prince Licht's fascination with coffee should come as no surprise given his affinity for his part-time job at the cafe, but when Leonhard suggests the bitter drink should be banned from the kingdom, can Lichie help him develop an appreciation...?


April 27, 2016 978-4757549685 March 20, 2018 978-0316446631
Chapters list:

Pages: 191
Cover characters: Leonhard von Granzreich & Heine Wittgenstein
Japanese | English
Vol 6 cover jp

Prince Licht's love of his part-time job at the cafe is no secret. (Well, his identity is a secret...and that he even has the job is kind of a secret... Anyhoo......) When he's given an opportunity to brew up his own special coffee blend, does he have the stuff to take his budding enthusiasm to the next level?


October 27, 2016 978-4757551428 May 8, 2018 978-0316446648
Chapters list:

Pages: 185
Cover characters: Licht von Granzreich & Heine Wittgenstein
Japanese | English
Vol 7 cover jp

Princes Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht have been making great strides thanks to an excellent education from Heine, the royal tutor. Even so, with the return of Prince Eins, the eldest of the brothers and heir apparent to the crown, the wall they must climb in the struggle to become the most qualified candidate for the throne looks more colossal than ever. Can the four younger princes stand up to their biggest rival?


March 27, 2017 978-4757553002 July 24, 2018 978-1975353339
Chapters list:

Pages: 199
Cover characters: Bruno von Granzreich and Heine Wittgenstein
Japanese | English
Vol 8 cover jp

Kai makes a friend at school and invites him over to the palace for tea. He asks his brothers for help in making conversation, but is that really such a good idea...? Then it's a battle of wits when Heine joins the princes (and princess!) for a game in the courtyard. After all the time they've now spent under his tutelage, can the students finally overcome the master?


July 27, 2017 978-4757553002 September 18, 2018 978-1975354398
Chapters list:

Cover characters: Kai von Granzreich and Heine Wittgenstein
Japanese | English
Vol 9 cover jp


January 28, 2018 978-4757556089 n/a n/a
Chapters list:

Pages: 199
Cover characters: Heine Wittgenstein & Adele von Granzreich
Japanese | English
Vol 10 cover jp


July 27, 2018 978-4757557963 n/a n/a
Chapters list:

Cover characters: Heine Wittgenstein & Ernst Rosenberg
Japanese | English
Vol 11 cover jp

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