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Eins von Granzreich (アインス・フォン・グランツライヒ, Ainsu Fon Gurantsuraihi) is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Granzreich.


Eins is a tall man with long, wavy black hair that is tied in low ponytail and narrow blue eyes, the same color as the rest of his family's.

Despite his young age, he looks older than Viktor von Granzreich, which is something that bugs him.


Eins is a stern man who acts business-like at all times, even with his own family. He's very confident in his own abilities and looks down on those he doesn't deem a threat. However, he's not above complimenting someone if he feels that they did something well, though in subtle ways.


As a child, Eins has already been praised by many to have all the qualities needed to be a good king. He aced all his studies, was top of the class in military school and is persuasive as well as charming. When he became a grown man, he moved out of the royal palace and began to live at Schwartz Palace with Count Rosenberg as his high steward. It was also shown that his childhood friend is Ernst Rosenberg, with who he spent more time than his brothers.


Before the story

Eins spent six months abroad visiting the countries that have friendly relations with Granzreich.