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The list of the episodes of the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine anime.

Episode 1 title card.png
The Royal Tutor Arrives

Oushitsu Kyoushi, Kuru
#1 April 4, 2017
By the order of the King of Granzreich, Heine Wittgenstein arrives at the royal palace to take up the position of royal tutor to the four younger princes: Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht, in order to groom them into suitable heirs to the throne. However, the princes are less than receptive to their new tutor, and refuse to acknowledge him at all. What will Heine do to win them over?
Episode 2 title card.png
The Prince Interviews

Ouji Mendan
#2 April 11, 2017
Heine interviews the remaining three princes: Bruno, Licht, and Kai.
Episode 3 title card.png
You Don't Need to Accept Me

Mitomenakute mo iinode
#3 April 18, 2017
The princes get their test results back; Heine tries to get Leonhard to accept him as a teacher.
Episode 4 title card.png
The Princes Go To Town

Ouji, Machi e Iku
#4 April 25, 2017
The princes and their tutor go on an excursion to the heart of the city.
Episode 5 title card.png
Assailed by the Greatest of Trials

Saidai no Shiren, Shuurai
#5 May 2, 2017
The princes' father, the King, returns to the palace and issues an ultimatum to Leonhard.
Episode 6 title card.png
At Café Mitter Meyer

Kafe Mittaa Maiyaa nite
#6 May 9, 2017
Licht's secret job as a café waiter is discovered.
Episode 7 title card.png
The Whereabouts of a Dream

Yume no Arika
#7 May 16, 2017
Bruno is conflicted over whether or not he should take an offer to study overseas and give up on his dream on being the king.
Episode 8 title card.png
A Timid Heart

Okubyouna Kokoro
#8 May 23, 2017
Kai asks for advice on how to talk to people; the princes, Heine and Adele head to the zoo
Episode 9 title card.png
The Price of the Past

Kako no Daishou
#9 May 30, 2017
Kai goes off to meet with a certain person from his past at the military academy in order to set a false article right.
Episode 10 title card.jpg
The Professor I Don't Know

Boku no Shiranai Sensei
#10 June 6, 2017
After some hinting from Count Rosenberg, the princes begin to get curious about Heine's past.
Episode 11 title card.jpg
The Pair's Promise

Futari no Yakusoku
#11 June 13, 2017
Finding a newspaper of a criminal, Heine tells the prince to investigate the truth of the claim.
Episode 12 title card.png
The Last Lesson

Saigo no Jugyou
#12 June 20, 2017
After learning about Heine's past, the prince have their last lesson with him.