Granzreich Family

Bruno von Granzreich

Leonhard respects his brother Bruno and sees him as a brilliant person. Because Bruno is very intellegent, Leonhard is amazed by his knowledge.

Kai von Granzreich

Leonhard cares about Kai just like his other siblings. When he accidentally offended Kai, he apologized immediately, and it show that he cares a lot.

Licht von Granzreich

Leonhard sometimes argues with Licht but rarely. He calls Licht his baby brother and tries to impress him sometimes.

Viktor von Granzreich

Viktor is his and his brothers and sister's father. He loves his father dearly but is not shown, unlike Kai shows his love to Viktor.

Adele von Granzreich

Leonhard loves his sister very much and is very protective of her, as seen in Chapter 15 of the manga. When he heard that Heine accepts to be Adele's "husband", he didn't approved and took Heine's acceptance seriously, while Heine is just doing it to lure Adele out of her room.

Eins von Granzreich

Leonhard finds Eins to be scary and mean because Eins called him a dunce or stupid. They are not close.


Heine Wittgenstein

At first, Leonhard did not like Heine because he was a teacher and believes that teachers are evil. After the interview with Heine, he starts to like him because of how Heine didn't laugh at his journal of regrets. He felt that Heine was a bit different from his previous tutors, and Heine usually gives Leonhard hope that he can be a great king candidate. Leonhard also likes to be praised by Heine, and he acts like he dislikes Heine.