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Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine (王室教師ハイネ?, lit. "The Royal Tutor") is a Japanese manga series by Higasa Akai. It started serialization in Square Enix's Monthly G Fantasy magazine in November 2013. It has been collected in eight tankōbon volumes as of March 2017. Yen Press has licensed the manga and distribute monthly chapters digitally. An anime television adaptation by Bridge that started from April 4, 2017 to June 20, 2017. A stage play has been announced as well.


Heine Wittgenstein, a man often mistaken for a small child, has been summoned to the royal palace of Granzreich by the king to act as the royal tutor to the four younger princes—Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht–turning them into capable candidates to the throne. However, he finds his task difficult because of the complicated personalities of his charges, who had managed to cause every tutor they had to quit.



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An anime television series adaptation by Project No.9 began airing on April 7, 2016. The opening theme is "1st Love Story" by Luce Twinke Wink☆, and the ending theme is "Zero Ichi Kiseki" (ゼロイチキセキ?, lit. "Zero One Miracle") by Yoshino Nanjō.

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