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The Royal Tutor (王室教師ハイネ, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine) is a manga written and illustrated by Higasa Akai. It began serializing in Monthly GFantasy in December 2013 and ended on its June 2021 issue. Yen Press licensed the manga in 2015 for English distribution.


Heine Wittgenstein, an adult man often mistaken for a child due to his short stature, is summoned to the royal palace by the King of Granzreich to become the tutor to the four younger princes: Kai, Bruno, Leonhard and Licht, in order to shape them into suitable candidates for the throne. However, Heine not only has to contend with the eccentric personalities of the princes, but also forces that would see the princes lose their places in the royal succession...


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