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Equally charming and stern, Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant man who commands respect, despite his short, childlike stature. Thus, the king of Granzreich has called upon Heine to undertake a daunting task that has driven away many before him—become the new royal tutor to four princes who are in line for the throne.

The four heirs each have very distinct and troublesome personalities: Licht, the flirtatious youngest prince; his immature older brother Leonhard; Bruno the studious third prince; and Kai, the oldest of the four and the most reserved. Hilarity ensues as Heine attempts to connect with each of the princes in order to groom them for the throne. However, Heine's mysterious past and dark undercurrents in the present may threaten the harmony within the kingdom.

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Leonhard von Granzreich is the 15-year-old fourth prince, nicknamed "The Everest-Pride Prince". He considers himself the most beautiful person on the continent. However, it's quickly revealed that behind his haughty demeanor, he is actually a very childish person prone to sulking and running away from his problems. He's a slow learner, and has an intense hatred of teachers because he was abused by them, though this slowly starts to change because of Heine's influence. He looks up to his older brother Bruno.
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The anime adaptation of The Royal Tutor light novel series was on-air this Summer 2017. The finale synopsis can be found here..

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